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تقوم دائرة التعليم والمعرفة بالمشاركة مع هيئة أبوظبي للطفولة المبكرة ومن خلال برنامج "كيندرلي" بتقديم التدريب الإلزامي لإعادة فتح المدارس وتشغيلها بشكل آمن من خلال "تنفيذ الإرشادات التوجيهية الحكومية" لقطاع الحضانات الحكومية والخاصة*
* أي منشأة مرخصة لتوفير الرعاية والتعليم للأطفال من عمر 45 يوماً الى 4 سنوات في أبوظبي.
يجب على القادة والمدراء والمالكين حضور 3 دورات تدريبية منفصلة تركز على تطبيق إرشادات إعادة التشغيل وتحميل الوثائق المطلوبة على بوابة دائرة التعليم والمعرفة (إنقـر هنا).
ويتطلب من المعلمين، والمشرفين، والمساعدين، والمربيات/جليسات الأطفال وعمال النظافة حضور دورتين تدريبيتين منفصلتين تركزان على دورهم في تنفيذ الإرشادات التوجيهية لإعادة التشغيل وإكمال التقييم عبر الانترنت (إنقـر هنا).
سيتم تقديم دورات تدريبية مضاعفة عبر الإنترنت وستكون مباشرة باللغتين العربية والإنجليزية وأيضاً سيكون هناك تسجيلات للجلسات متاحة للمشاهدة في أي وقت ومترجمة الى اللغة الفلبينية والهندية.
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Adek in partnership with ECA and through Kinderly is delivering the Mandatory re-opening and safe operating – ‘implementing Government guidelines’ training for the Government and Private nursery sector*

*Any establishment that is licensed to provide care and education for children aged 45days to 4 years in Abudhabi .

Leaders, managers, and owners are required to attend 3 separate training sessions focused on implementing the re-opening guidelines and up-load the required documentation to the Adek portal (click here)relevant Licensing Authorities.

Teachers, supervisors, assistants, nannies/babysitters, and cleaners are required to attend 2 separate training sessions focused on their role in implementing the re-opening guidelines and complete an on-line assessment.

Multiply training sessions will be delivered online and will be live in both Arabic and English. Recordings of the sessions will be available to watch at any time and subtitled in Tagolou and Hindi.

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Click on the icon below to download the guidelines 

اضغط على الأيقونة أدناه لتنزيل الإرشادات


Operating safely – implementing Government guidelines mandatory training


  • QUESTION: Who must attend the training.

  • ANSWER: Nursery principles, managers, teachers, supervisors, assistants, nannies, and cleaners. It is optional for Admin staff.


  • QUESTION: Does the nurse have to attend the training

  • QUESTION: the nurse will be required to attend the Ministry of Health training sessions.


  • QUESTION What if I miss a session I booked?

  • ANSWER: You can rebook onto another session when available or watch the recording.


  • QUESTION: How long are the sessions?

  • ANSWER:  Two hours


  • QUESTION: Do I have to attend the training sessions in order?

  • ANSWER: Yes, it will make the training easier to understand.


  • QUESTION: What happens if the government guidelines change.

  • ANSWER: There will be an updated session.


  • QUESTIONS: What happens if the link to the training session doesn’t work?

  • ANSWER: Contact the support centre at  Check your Wi-Fi is working. Please log into the session 15 minutes before the start time.


  • QUESTION: Is there an assessment that I need to take?

  • ANSWER: Yes, if you are not a leader or manager you will take an assessment


  • QUESTION: What happens if I fail the assessments?

  • ANSWER: No need to worry as you can retake the assessment as many times as you want. The recorded sessions will also be available in English and Arabic; they will also be subtitled in Tugaloo and Hindi. You can watch the recordings as many times as you wish to ensure you understand the content and can pass the assessment.


  • QUESTIONS: Where can I do the assessments?

  • ANSWER: After you have attended the required amount of training sessions, you will be sent an email with a link and access code to complete an online assessment.



  • QUESTION: What if I can’t pass?

  • ANSWER: There is no time limit online, but you would need to check with your nursery principle as you will not be eligible to return to work without a valid certificate. 


  • QUESTION: What do I do with my certificate?

  • ANSWER: Please keep it safe. Your nursery principle will need to see it and may wish to keep a copy for her records. The Government compliance team may want to to see this certificate.


  • QUESTION: Do you need to have attended the training sessions to take assessments?

  • ANSWER: Yes, the training is mandatory. You will need to attend the live sessions or watch the recordings.

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