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What is the ECQ programme.

  • ECQ accreditation is a set of quality measures that are used to assess if an early childhood learning provider is meeting the required standards.

  • The ECQ standards originate from international best practice and are used as a benchmark of quality.

Benefits of The Accredication
  • The accreditation is a quality kite mark endorsement that the
    organisation is delivering high quality care and education.


  • The accreditation is highly creditable and respected in the International market. 

  • Offers external recognition of the impact of leaders and practitioners in improving the quality of education for young children 

  • Validates that management process and teaching approaches meet the required standard

  • Assists organisation in continuing to improve the quality of service offered. 

  • Helps leaders and managers identify strengths and to prioritise key areas for development through a guided process of

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What Is The ELQ Accreditation.
  • The ECQ accreditation is a set of quality measures that are used to assess if an orgnaisation delivering the EYFS overseas is meeting the required standards.

  • The ELQ standards originate from EYFS framework and are used as a benchmark of quality. 

  • The ELQ standards for quality provide the foundation for the accreditation.

How It Works.
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The process of reflection and self-evaluation is integral to the ECQ and is key to the accreditation process. As leaders and practitioners, you will gather evidence of your provision and practice, engage in robust self-evaluation, identify strengths and areas for improvement, and set and implement targeted actions to support further improvement.


Self-evaluation and evidence gathering gives your leaders and practitioners the confidence to explain the cycle of review and continuous improvement.

Duration : Up to 12 months to complete
















The process of accreditation includes:

• Access to an online system
• Use of the self assessment audit tool
• An initial visit from an Early Child Education expert
• Access to a mentor
• A library of best practice examples
• A final accreditation assessment visit

Following this, the assessor's recommendation will go to internal and external verification and a decision will be made to award your setting.



Who can apply?
The Kinderly ECQ Accreditation is available to all organisations delivering the early years foundation stage framework overseas.

How long is the ECQ Accreditation award valid?
The ECQ Accreditation is awarded and valid for 1 year from the award date.
Meeting the accreditation standards for the first time an organisation will be awarded silver ECQ. To be awarded Excellent or Outstanding the organisation will need to demonstrate their ability to continually improve and develop their quality.

How is the provision assessed?
An early childhood specialist, accredited by Kinderly, will review and evaluate evidence during an assessment visit to the organisation. After the initial visit the evidence for the standards are up loaded through the ECQ portal by the organisation and will be assessed by the Kinderly inspector. A recommendation for the award can only be made by an accredited Kinderly inspector.


What type of evidence is required?
During the initial on-site visit a Kinderly inspector will carry out observations of practice in relation to the four core standards and review polices and procedures, talk to staff and management.
Types of evidence to up-load to demonstrate compliance for each element can include, documentation, such as planning,observations, policies, photos and examples of children’s achievements.

How is achievement of a Kinderly ECQ Award recognised?
The ECQ accreditation is awarded by Kinderly and regulated by an Ofqual awarding body. Organisations holding the accreditation are registered on the awarding body website to ensure validity.
Organisations are entitled to display the logo, which is supplied electronically, on informational and publicity materials, such as a letterhead, prospectus or advertisement.


How can you assure an organisation continues to meet the ECQ standards during the validation period?
Each organisation is required to up-load evidence to be assessed by a Kinderly inspector annually during the validation period. To renew the award requires an on-site visit from a Kinderly inspector.


How can I apply?
Applications can be made throughout the year and the organisation has one year to complete the accredication process from the initial onsite visit. Visit to complete and application form and learn about the pricing structure.

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