Supporting early childhood educators to give children a great start.
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Kinderly is passionate about ensuring all children have a great start in life, regardless of their circumstances or need

Working closely with our partners at Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority, ADEK, Ministry of Education, Bath Spa University and a selection of highly rated early childhood experts ensures we build and deliver the best in-class software and complete quality enhancement solutions for early childhood educators, professionals and establishments.

Listening to our users' suggestions and feedback means we are continually developing new content and more features to provide better solutions to support your setting.

Part of the Anjal-Z initiative

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Award-winning app Kinderly Together makes it quick and easy to digitally capture the early years learning journey. It enhances parent communication and engagement and provides you with reports and tools to help you run an outstanding setting.

Stay on top of your administrative tasks using Kinderly Together and spend more time with the children.

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Kinderly Learn provides ‘bite-sized’ learning that can be completed in just a few minutes. It is ideal for busy early years childcare practitioners needing to demonstrate what CPD training they have done.

Developed by early years experts, the platform offers 200+ learning bites on a range of topics. Learning is made fun through interactive activities, animations, videos and quizzes.

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ECQ accreditation is a set of quality measures that are used to assess if an early childhood learning provider is meeting the required standards.

The ECQ standards originate from international best practice and are used as a benchmark of quality.

The accreditation is a quality kite mark endorsement that the organisation is delivering high quality care and education.

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